Making it Easier to Live Healthier with Autoimmune Diseases

A simple self-guided program featuring small steps, useful tools, and our top resources designed to reduce symptoms and enhance health & well-being, all while accommodating busy lives.

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Ease Pain. Lift Fatigue. Clear Brain Fog, and Get More of the Good Stuff with these Simple Steps.

Invigorate, built by AIDD survivors and supporters, simplifies health and wellness by providing:

  • Practical Tips and shared wisdom directly from those who understand the challenges firsthand;
  • Free Tools to support your progress and promote lasting change;
  • Resources including our top recommended products and services to accelerate your momentum.

Browse the wellness categories below and explore steps to reduce symptoms and improve your health and well-being at your own pace.

Autoimmune Diseases are dramatically rising with no signs of slowing.

Why? Mounting research shows lifestyle and environmental factors influence these diseases (source). 

Knowing what you must do to live healthily is not a barrier to success. 

It’s how to make those choices consistently that’s the challenging part.

Invigorate embraces an incremental approach to reducing disease activity that’s built on a foundation of realistic lifestyle changes.

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