A Path to Quality Sleep & Improved Snoozin’

Explore Steps to Get Better Quality Sleep with Autoimmune Diseases

Sleep deprivation can increase systemic inflammation and pain, not to mention lower you’re ability to deal with all aspects of life. Prioritizing how to get a better nights rest can make a significant impact on the quality of your day and the severity of your symptoms.

Steps & Resources to Promote Restful Sleep

We all know how important it is to get 8-9 hours of sleep every night, especially when dealing with the added fatigue that comes with autoimmune diseases. However, with the demands of daily life and racing thoughts, getting restful sleep can often be a challenge.

Investing in your sleep health can have a profound impact on your overall well-being and quality of life. Let us help you fall asleep faster and achieve better restful nights with our recommended sleep podcasts and courses, and sleep trackers and apps.

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Follow the 10-3-2-1-0 Sleep Guide

  • 10 hours before bed – switch to water or tea without caffeine
  • 3 hours before bed – stop eating
  • 2 hours before bed – shut down work
  • 1 hour before bed – turn off screens
  • 0 times you hit the snooze button in the morning (source)
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Surprising Ways to Improve Sleep

We tend to look at our health in silos, but when we take a step back, we can see how “unrelated” actions influence other aspects of our wellbeing.

  • Expose yourself to bright daylight in the morning to turn off melatonin production
  • Get outside for a dose of sunshine to synchronize your body clock and lift mood
  • Eat protein in the evening to foster serotonin production to help you relax

Sleep Cycle

You can track and analyze your sleep with Sleep Cycle, but also utilize the apps music, stories, and meditation to fall asleep.

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SleepHub-Sleep Talk Podcast

These podcast episodes, run by Dr. Moira Junge, Health Psychologist, and Dr. David Cunnington, Sleep Physician, explain various sleep challenges and discuss specific tactics to address and resolve them.

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Dr. Hyman’s Sleep Master Class

Dr. Hyman’s Sleep Master Class deep dives into the profound impact sleep (and lack of sleep) can have on every area of your health.

You’ll learn how what and when you eat, your light exposure, hormones, gut health, nutrient status, exposure to toxins, and much more can affect your quality of sleep. In this 8-part series, you’ll learn the exact steps you can take to optimize your sleep.

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99% of autoimmune patients reported that fatigue impacts their quality of life,

92% said it affects their family relationships. Additionally,

89% of respondents said it affects their ability to work.


Explore Steps to Remission & Better Health

Physical Activity

Reduce inflammation and improve your overall health by incorporating physical activity into your daily routine. Explore our curated resources, customized for all levels of mobility and fitness, to stay active and move towards remission.

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Flare Mangement

In the midst of a flare, prioritizing your recovery and finding relief can be difficult. Take the first step in taking control of your autoimmune flares with our curated collection of tools and techniques to aid in your recovery.

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Mental Health

Mental health issues are common in people with autoimmune diseases, and inflammation can exacerbate symptoms. Explore steps to improve your mental health and well-being.

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