Reduce Autoimmune Disease Symptoms

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Explore a Path to Reduce AID Symptoms & Promote Recovery

From joint pain and fatigue to nausea and skin ailments, any number of symptoms can flare up any time, derailing our day without warning.

Our initial reaction is to ignore symptoms and push through. But Invigorate was founded because “pushing through” was no longer an option.

By taking small steps to recover, you can reduce the duration and intensity of flare symptoms and promote healing.

Steps, Tools, & Resources to Heal & Recover

  • The key to managing flares is to address symptoms as quickly as possible to minimize disease activity.
  • Our community has curated a collection of medical equipment, medical trackers, tools, and other resources to aid your recovery.
  • Our resources are intended for short-term relief until other steps can be taken with your care team to manage symptoms and discuss potential disease triggers.

Manage Pain

It’s hard to focus on anything but pain when autoimmune diseases go haywire.
Minimize pain with:

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Slow Motion is Better than No Motion

Support devices to keep you in motion:

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Pill organizer

Plan Out Your Meds

Between prescriptions and supplements, the number of pills can get chaotic quickly.

Make it easier by:

Creating a list of your medications, dosage instructions, and other useful notes.

Download Medication List Template 7-Day Pill Organizer

Make it Easy to Take Your Meds

Taking your medication correctly is the most important factor of treatment success. (Source)

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On-the-Go Pill Keychain
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Track Symptoms and Side Effects

Tracking medication and symptoms can help you and your doctors better understand disease activity and improve your treatment plan.

Community Note: This app is great for all AIDs, not just Sjorgen’s!

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Get a Medical Planner
care coordination calendar

A Simple Way to Coordinate Care

  • Care Calendar to schedule care
  • Wish list to share items needed
  • Personalized page to update family & friends
  • Fundraising features to ease financial burdens
Visit Give InKind

Prioritize Selfless Care

Instead of pushing yourself too hard and risking prolonged recovery periods, it’s crucial to slow down and prioritize self-care.

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Browse Patient Resources

  • Medicine Assistance Tool, MAT, is a search engine for many patient assistance resources the biopharmaceutical industry offers
  • PAN Foundation provides assistance with out-of-pocket costs for underinsured people with chronic and rare diseases
  • Lab Tests Online provides consumers with learning guides and products that make lab testing accessible, convenient, and affordable

Struggling? You’re Not Alone

If you or anyone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please call the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline by dialing 988 or texting help to 988 The national Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are not alone!

Explore Related Paths to Remission

Sleep & Rest

Sleep can feel as distant as the moon and stars we see out our windows, lying awake all hours of the night. Access free relaxation tools, sleep-tracker, and natural sleep aids to improve your sleep patterns and overall well-being.

Discover Steps to Better Sleep
Mental Health

Mental health issues are common in people with chronic illnesses, but inflammation often exacerbates symptoms in people with autoimmune diseases. Explore our pathways to improve your mental well-being.

Browse Steps To Ease Your Mind
Personal Growth Watering Can icon
Growth & Development

Incorporate personal and professional  growth into your routine with our resources. Our holistic approach focuses on mindset shifts, small actions, and sustainable habits to help you achieve your goals.

Learn More!
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