A Path to Personal Growth & Professional Development at Your Pace

On-Demand Resources to Learn & Grow while Prioritzing Your Health

Regardless of whether we’re working full time, part time, not at all, or somewhere in between, continuous learning can support your cognitive function, fuel motivation, and improve your mental wellbeing.

The concept of personal growth has transformed from self-help books and over-the-top motivational seminars to a more holistic, realistic approach to personal growth and well-being. The journey towards self-improvement can be incredibly nuanced for those with chronic illness.

Podcasts are great for when you can only manage to listen, videos and webinars when you can stay vertical for short periods, and online courses to take at your own pace. So whether you need a boost of inspiration or just want some background noise while you do the dishes, commute, or recuperate, we’ve got you covered. The important thing is to keep learning at your own pace to spark inspiration, promote motivation, and ultimately fuel your passion, whatever form that may be.

Get Clear on Your Intentions

When you set intentions, you tell your mind what to focus on, which helps keep your thoughts and actions aligned with your goals.

Tips to set intentions:

  • Let go of the how and focus on the what and why – the details will work themselves out
  •  Make them positive – what do want to happen vs. what you don’t
  • Get as specific as possible. The subconscious mind thrives on precision; it needs to know exactly what you want.
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Our Favorite Growth & Development Books!

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Free Courses to take from your couch

Whether you want to expand your creative writing skills, learn about child nutrition, or even explore cryptocurrency, expert-lead courses are at your fingertips.

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Free College Courses

edX offers free college courses led by real professors from many top-rated universities. Taking classes without earning a certificate is free, but if you want to get college credit, you need to pay, so keep that in mind!

The courses are easy-to-follow, and you can watch the videos from any device, anywhere.

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Free Online Courses & Paid Certifications

Take classes like advancing parenting skills, the ancient art of sound therapy, or understanding depression and burnout – they really have it all.

You can take the free courses or pay to turn them into a certificate program!

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The Habit Factor

The Habit Factor helps you reach your goals by monitoring your habits. This is an excellent resource for developing a positive attitude and learning to be proactive.

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Autoimmune remission is within reach when we take the first step towards reducing our exposure to toxins and chemicals. Supporting businesses with sustainable practices and using cleaner household products is a simple but effective way to get there.

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Unlock the power of a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Explore our resources, including relaxation tools, sleep trackers, and natural sleep aids to improve your sleep and optimize your bedtime routine.

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Mental Health

Mental health issues are common in people with autoimmune diseases, but inflammation can exacerbate symptoms. Explore steps to improve your mental well-being.

Mental Health
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