Celebrating Autoimmune Survivors and Strivers taking Steps toward Remission

Karin W

April 19, 2023

What was your turning point in looking to improve your health?

Symptoms of other autoimmune diseases started to appear at the height of my stress, and I was desperate to slow the decline of my deteriorating body. I had two young boys and needed to turn things around for them.

What actions did you take that empowered your journey?

Adding more produce to my diet drastically improved how I felt. As I focused on adding more fruit and vegetable servings throughout the day, I didn’t have room for unhealthier options.

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What’s something you’ve learned along the way?

Early into my self-care journey, I felt robbed of potential experiences because I had to “manage” my disease. For once, I could control my health, but at the cost of giving up some of the things I loved doing most.

What I’m realizing, though, is that by ruthlessly prioritizing and focusing, my experiences are more meaningful and my relationships deeper.

So I’m not giving up anything by “slowing down,” but gaining a deeper, more fulfilled life by prioritizing my health and family.

“You’ll carry this illness the rest of your life. So you can either wallow in the weight of that, or you can fight for the only life you have and make it a good story.”


What advice would you give someone starting in their autoimmunity journey?

Every moment is a new moment to try—one step at a time. If you try to take on too much, it’ll become overwhelming, and you’ll give up. Give it a go and wherever you land, even if it’s not pretty, is still further than where you were. Progress is progress.


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