What do we call ourselves - warriors, survivors, strivers, thrivers, something else?

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Karin W 5 months

Welcome to our vibrant chat forum, a supportive haven for those navigating the intricate journey of living with autoimmune diseases.

In this community, how we refer to ourselves holds significance, reflecting resilience, strength, and unity.

Some may resonate with being "patients," acknowledging the ongoing health management.

Others embrace the spirit of "strivers," embodying the daily determination to thrive despite challenges.

For those triumphing over adversity, "thrivers" aptly captures the essence of resilience.

The term "survivors" reflects the courage of those who have faced daunting health battles, emerging with tenacity.

"Warriors" resonates with the relentless fight against autoimmune conditions, embodying a spirit of courage and empowerment.

In our inclusive space, the choice is yours.

Whether you're a patient navigating treatment, a thriver celebrating victories, a warrior courageously facing each day, or any label that resonates with your journey, you belong here.

This forum is a place to share experiences, offer support, and find solace in the understanding of fellow strivers.

Regardless of the term, we unite as a diverse collective with a shared commitment – to empower, uplift, and learn from one another.

Join our discussions, connect with fellow warriors, and foster a community where the language we use reflects the strength within each of us.

Together, we navigate the complexities of autoimmune conditions, finding inspiration and camaraderie in our shared experiences.

Welcome to a space where your chosen label signifies not just a condition but a testament to your resilience and the strength that binds us all.

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